"In the Library Bathroom, 2010"
Literary Mama, October 2014

"To an Unborn Son"
Montpelier, Vermont

The Missouri Review Working Writers Series 
The Missouri Review blog, June 2013

After Page One: Strength (Working Through Health Issues With Writing), (guest post)
Literary Mama blog, June 2013

"A One and Only Is Enough For Me" (Essay)
The Broad Side, June 2013

“Wednesday,” Cassie Premo Steele and Facebook Friends, (Contributor)
 "A Deeper Independence," pg 135
May 2013

Vermont Flavor: Kris Underwood on Celebrating National Poetry Month Locally (guest post)
Metre Maids, April 2013

The "Sometimes Single Mom" Situation (Essay)
The Broad Side, April 2013

About the Jewelry (poem)
(See a post here with links, text and pictures)
PoemCity'13 (part of MontpelierAlive!), April 2013
Chill Vermont Gelato in Montpelier, Vt

Thoughts on VCFA's MFA in Writing Winter Residency 2012-13
VCFA Now: Vermont College of Fine Arts blog, January 2013

What Was Found (After the MRI)
The Barefoot Review, Winter 2012

Literary Love Letters to Montpelier (mention of Montpelier, Vermont in the Ploughshares Literary Boroughs Series)
VCFA Now: Vermont College of Fine Arts blog, September 2012

Literary Boroughs #14, Montpelier, Vermont
Ploughshares Blog, August 2012

Let's Call This What It Is (poem)
Literary Mama, June/July 2012
Portland Poetry Box, July 2012, Portland, Oregon

Going for the MRI (poem)
Dreams, Diagnosis and Recovery (poem)
The Barefoot Review, Summer 2012

The Last Pregnancy (poem)
PoemCity2012 April, at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library

The Spaces In Which We Write (guest post)
Metre Maids, April 2012

Hunger Mountain Summer Faves (summer reading)
Hunger Mountain, Another Loose Sally Blog, September 2011

Third Annual Growing Local Fest Offers Opportunity to Connect Food and Knowledge
(Article on Growing Local Fest in Montpelier, Vermont)
The Bridge, September 1, 2011

Behind the Mountain (part of the Voices of Hunger Mountain series)
Hunger Mountain, Another Loose Sally Blog, July 2011

A Day in the Life.... (Essay)
Mama Says Zine, January 2010

In Praise of Women Inventors, Fall 2010 (column)
Essential Elements of a Writer's Blog,  January 2010 (column)
Tips for Starting a Journal and Staying With It, October 2009 (column)
Mama Writes Column at Mom Writer's Literary Magazine

Caroline Grant Elrena Evans of Mama, PhD, (Interview)
MotherVerse Magazine #9 my blog 2009
You can also find the interview at Mama PhD site. as well as a mention at Elrena Evans' site

Melissa Stanton, author of The Stay-at-Home Survival Guide (Cover story & Interview)
Mom Writer's Literary Magazine, Fall/Winter 2008
Read the full interview here

Andi Silverman, author of Mama Knows Breast (Interview)
Mom Writer's Lit Mag Fall/Winter '08

National Security Mom, Gina M. Bennett (Book Review)
Mom Writer's Literary Magazine, Fall/Winter 2008

Swimming (Stretchmarks) (Poem)
Literary Mama, May 2008

Vicki Glembocki, author of The Second Nine Months (Interview)
MotherVerse #8. 2008
(review mentioned on Vicki Glembocki's site)

Annie Downey, author of Hot and Bothered (Interview)
Hip Mama, Summer '08

Katy Farber of Non-Toxic Kids at MotherVerse Blog (Interview)
(Previously at the Original Moms Speak Up)
January 2008

Writer's Resources Fall/Winter '08
Writer's Resources Summer '08
Writer's Resources Spring '08
Writer's Resources Winter '07
Mom Writer's Literary Magazine

Nap (Poem), October 28. 2007

Inside (poem)
Mom Writer's Literary Magazine, Fall 2007

Painting Pictures (poem)
MotherVerse Magazine, # 7 2007

The Mystery (poem)
Realizations of Identity (essay)
MotherVerse Magazine, #6 2007

Putting Myself on Boyfriend Probation (essay)
Originally in Crazy Hip Blog Mamas, May 2007
(Click on the above link to read it on my blog)

Snippet at 5 Months (poem)
1 am, Nearly 2, Late Summer (poem)
The Whole Mom, March 2007

Dreaming (essay)
Mosaic Minds, December 2006

Rocking (poem)
Mom Writer's Literary Magazine, Winter 2006

"All the Birds Say Caw-Caw" (poem)
Poetry Midwest, Fall 2006, #17

Poetry and Mothering (essay)
Mama Says Newsletter, 2005
Contributing Blogger

All Things Mothering at (October 2010-Present)
Imperfect Parent Blog (October 2008-2011)
Mama Says Zine (2005-2008)
MamaZina Magazine
(Previously Mom Writer's Literary Magazine) (December 2007-August 2010)
Green Mom Review (2007-2008)
Moms Speak Up (2007-2008)
MotherVerse Magazine (2007-2009)
Mother-Talk, book reviews (2007-2008)

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