Wednesday, June 19, 2013

After Page One (Working Through Health Issues With Writing) at Literary Mama

Literary Mama is doing a series on their blog called "After Page One."

From the site:

"Join our After Page One series.  We’re looking for 300 to 500-word guest posts that motivate, inspire, and encourage other mama-writers, and we’d love to feature YOUR thoughts about getting started, getting back to a writing project, integrating writing with motherhood, reading, or having a positive attitude." 

I have had quite a bit of health issues throughout my life and I talk about it in this post, After Page One: Strength: Working Through Health Issues With Writing.

"Writing in every form is absolutely essential to me. If I don’t write, I don’t have a voice. It’s a necessary outlet, one that enables me to deal with everything in life whether it is illness, pregnancy, children, motherhood, relationships and whatever else comes my way. If I didn't have writing as a way to deal with all of this, I’m not sure how I would have." 

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  1. A beautiful passage, Kris. And kudos on being included in the series.