Monday, December 10, 2012

Hunger Mountain's 10th Anniversary Issue

Hunger Mountain's 10th Anniversary issue, Labyrinths, is out now and it is gorgeous. It's hard to believe it's been ten years!


The 10 Year Anniversary Feature-Past editors and contributors took ten minutes to write down a list of ten things: birds, sounds, candy bars, things not to eat while reading and more.

Fiction- Kirsten Clodfelter's "How to Prepare for a Disaster"; Pushcart Prize Nominee Emma Komlos-Hrobsky's "Vishnu Floating on the Cosmic Ocean" , Clarence Lai's "Start Here"; Donald Quist's Pushcart Nominated  story and runner-up for the Howard Frank Mosher fiction prize, "The Ghosts of Takahiro Okyo"; and Richard Adams Carey's "Ruby Thursday."

Poetry includes three Pushcart Nominees: Suzanne Parker's "Viral," Jesse Damiani's "Instructions for Discarding Dreams, or How to Be Happy," Kwame Dawes' "The Separation/Retention," the winner of the 2011 Ruth Stone Poetry Prize, Ellen LeFleche's "Mirror, Mirror," and other great pieces.

Pam Houston's NonFiction piece, "Corn Maze," rounds out Hunger Mountain's Pushcart Nominees.

Of course, there is the Young Adult and Children's Literature featuring the Maurice Sendak tribute and the winner of the Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adult & Children's Writing; a screenplay by R. E Bowse; drawings by Samuel Rowlett and photography by Jen Morris.

Grab a copy here to see who else made the 10th Anniversary Issue!

Be sure to check the site! There's a great tribute to James Baldwin with essays from Kim Dana Kupperman, Robert Vivian, Sion Dayson, Carole K. Harris, John Proctor, Marita Golden, Baron Wormser, and Liz Blood. E. Kristen Anderson brings us The Sci-Fi Children's Lit issue.

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