Thursday, April 05, 2012


I'm always reading something! Most likely, several things at once. In honor of Adrienne Rich, I wanted to revisit The Fact of a Doorframe: Selected Poems 1950-2001.

The Wolf Gift came in at the library. I doubt I will finish this in the two week check out time frame. I do hope it is good, though. I can't remember the last great Anne Rice book I read.

Still working through this list.

Sandra Simonds. I just got a copy of her book, Mother Was a Tragic Girl (thanks for sending that along!). I first came across Sandra in POETRY, I think, a few years ago. I was so caught by the way she used language and the way she made motherhood so accessible.

Last thing is the April 2012 Poetry Magazine. Since it's National Poetry Month, there is a special discussion guide.

I've been making my rounds in town for Poem City as well-poems everywhere!

Within the next few weeks, I'll be posting a full review of POETRY Magazine and Sandra Simonds' book. Hopefully, some pictures of Poem City events too!

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