Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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From All Things Mothering (

Cravings During Pregnancy

I’ve read that cravings can start as soon as you’re pregnant, as soon as you conceive, in fact. I’ve also read that they don’t start some two or three weeks after conception, or even four, eight weeks-then again, maybe not at all. Of course, I’m no expert. I suppose it all depends on the individual.

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How To Refine Your Writing: Keep A Journal

Have you ever thought of starting a journal but just don’t know where to start? Maybe you find there isn’t enough time in the day, or perhaps you find yourself faced with the question: What would I even write about??

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From Imperfect Parent Blog:

Bayer (and others) Face Numerous Lawsuits Over Birth Control Pills

What do you all think about these people suing various oral contraceptive companies for ‘wrongful death’ or ‘misleading the public’, when side effects are clearly stated on websites, commercials, etc.?  Isn’t it our responsibility to inform ourselves, as patients, about the risks of prescription drugs, etc.?
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