Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Reading The Fishes & Dishes Cookbook

The Fishes & Dishes Cookbook:
Seafood Recipes and Salty Stories from Alaska's Commercial Fisherwomen
Kiyo Marsh, Tomi Marsh & Laura Cooper

144 pgs., $19.99
Epicenter Press
ISBN: 978-1-9353347-07-1

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but what I got was extraordinary. It's so much more than your regular cookbook adventure.
What follows are the stories of commercial fisherwomen who have taken on the Alaskan wild: amazing pictures, tips on how to prepare, store and cook several types of fish, and of course, delicious recipes. There's even a haiku or two thrown in.
Really, just the photos alone are worth it: pictures of Alaskan king crab the length of your legs, the icy bow of their ship, the Alaskan landscape itself.
The whole book is just simply gorgeous.
At the Fishes & Dishes website, you can buy the book, browse recipes and check out their Events blog.

Epicenter Press
Fishes & Dishes site

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