Monday, June 28, 2010

Children's Book: The Caterpillar & the Express Train

The Caterpillar and the Express Train
Jeremy Foster-Fell & Matthew Gauvin
Web Profile, Inc. Ltd. (Wolcott, Vermont)
40 pages, $12.99
ISBN: 978-0984347704

A couple of months ago, I received a locally published children's book, The Caterpillar and the Express Train.
At first glance, story seems cute-if a bit long-for kids. From the site:
The Caterpillar and the Express Train is an illustrated story about a caterpillar (Sally) who unintentionally climbs into the hub of the Silver Bullet’s Express Train’s wheel.

The express steam engine is the fastest train on the East Coast of America and travels between Boston and Miami. The other trains nickname the Silver Bullet, “Bully”.

When the train’s loud whistle breaks, Sally saves the day by holding the broken wires together so that the train is saved from embarrassment, as he is now able to whistle in all the stations down to Miami. Sally changes his nick name from “Bully” to “Silly.

Sally and Silly become good friends and the train asks if the caterpillar will stay with him, we get the reply,

“Don’t be silly Silly,” Sally said. “I will stay with you for ever.”
But things don’t quite work out as planned.

The illustrations are innovative, however, they remind me a little of Thomas the Train on acid. I'm actually not sure what age group this book is aimed at, but my six year old seems to like it. Although, she probably won't be giving up Max & Ruby any time soon.

Despite all that was said above, I'm curious to see what else this duo has in store for the future.

Caterpillar and the Express Train site

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seeking submissions for the next issue of Mama Says Zine!!

Subject: It's Complicated: The Anonymous Issue
Due date: July 14, 2010
Length: Approximately 600 words
Email it to:

Write about your experiences as an autonomous being or lack thereof, how parenting shifted your libido, what works in your relationship and what doesn't, what is really hard to handle, what gets you through a really hard day. Write about expectations, yours and society's, who changes more smelly diapers, how it came to be that your life is like this, any motherhood-related topic you have wanted to speak your truth about but were too wary of until now! Since your name will NOT be published, feel free to write things that you've always wanted to say but were too bashful to share! Make up a funny pseudonym if you want. When you submit your essay, I will keep your name entirely confidential.3

We are always seeking ART for upcoming issues. Especially cute baby photos that will copy well in Black and White, Cartoons, Kid art, Photos of you nursing, Pregnant, or anything artful you'd like to submit.

Visit our website for more information at

Thanks Y'all!!

Ame Solomon, CPM