Monday, March 29, 2010

Call for Submissions at Mama Says Zine


For the next print issue of the Mama Says zine, our topic will be "This I Believe", based on the book and essays heard on NPR.
We ask you to please keep your essay under 600 words.
Submit your essay by April 20th.
Send your essay to

Tell a specific story of a belief that you have around motherhood and parenting. Think of how your beliefs have been formed through your own experience, family, friends, trial and error, light bulb moments, and middle of the night awakenings. How has parenting shaped your philosophies in life, changed your perspective, and who have you become due to being born a parent? Write this essay in first-person narrative as if you're speaking the story to a group of other mamas—-help us understand ourselves by hearing your story.

For more information on This I Believe, visit their website:

We also are seeking ART for upcoming issues. Especially cute baby photos that will copy well in Black and White, Cartoons, kid art, photos of you nursing, or anything artful you'd like to submit.

The next issue after this one will be the It's Complicated: Anonymous Issue. Write about your experiences as an autonomous being or lack thereof, how parenting shifted your libido, how you make it work in your relationship or not, what is really hard to handle, what gets you through a really hard day. Since your name will NOT be published, feel free to write things that you've always wanted to say but were too bashful to share! Make up a funny pseudonym too. Due by July 14.

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