Friday, September 11, 2009

Neil Gaiman's Library and Other Things

This is just awesome. It's enviable. If I had the room, I would love do something like this. Other posts on his library here and here.

In other related news-Michael Lukas is Unpacking his girlfriend's library, musing upon Kindles, digital books and physical libraries at the VQR Blog:

But no matter how bad my eyes get, no matter how strained my back and the foundation of any house I may own in the future, I would have a difficult time giving up on my library. Surrounded by my books, even in boxes on the floor, I feel a sense of physical comfort and assurance that no reading device could ever offer.

I couldn't agree more. I don't know what it is, but being surrounded by mounds of books is comforting. There is something so satisfying about the physicality of a books: holding it in your hand, turning the pages. I could never give up my physical library for a Kindle.

A couple years ago, I cataloged all my books here on this blog. There have been many additions since then, obviously, through reviews, etc. And yes, I have read them all! Really, I have. What I have for shelves is not adequate enough by far to house these books. They spill out onto every other surface available. The shelves themselves are literally bursting at the seams. I would love to have some decent storage for my books-shiny, new and lovely. Perhaps that will be my next investment....after all the other more necessary ones, you know, like food and clothes....heh.

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  1. Nice blog, Kris. I feel the same way about books.