Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Books Received

When Asia Was The World-already read a few chapters of this and....I expected more. Will get a review up soon.

The Letters of Allen Ginsberg (review and thoughts here)

The Man Who Outshone the Sun King

Sweet!-This just looks absolutely YUMMY and I cannot wait to try the recipes in this book. Even the cover of the book makes my mouth water. Click on over and see for yourself.

Pow Wow: A Century of American Short Stories From the Many Americas/Ishmael Reed & Clara Blank. Looking forward to reading this, but is a thick book. It may take a bit to get a review up on this one.

The Second Nine Months, Viki Glembocki (paperback) (I received the hardback edition of this last year and did an interview with the author at MotherVerse Magazine (Issue # 8, May 2008)

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