Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motrin-Way Off on the Advertising

Update: Motrin has now taken down the advertisement, but can still be seen on YouTube.

So, everybody's talking about the Motrin Babywearing commercial.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess posted something on it

The Motheringdotcommune boards are alive with commentary about it

There's a group on Facebook on the subject

And, of course, I put my two cents in over at The Imperfect Blog

Then, there is the Twitter response on YouTube (thanks to Katja Presnal)

Motrin will surely be getting a huge amount of publicity with this advertisement, even if it is extremely negative. My question is, Will it hurt or actually benefit the company in some way?

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  1. I think you're right--the net effect will Motrin will probably be positive, unfortunately (name familiarity goes a long way in advertising). However, I think the net societal impact is positive--this furor is attracting a LOT of positive attention to babywearing, its benefits, that it generally doesn't hurt if you're using a proper carrier, etc. So I think it'll expose a lot of people to the concept--and the accurate information about it--who might not otherwise have been informed. And I suspect the ad will disappear quickly (if it hasn't already), so it won't be misinforming people.

  2. I saw your message via the mamasays list, but was having a hard time getting the ad to load. I was all set to respond that in my experience I found babywearing did sometimes cause pain. (I never quite got the hang of the sling, but used our bjorn and later backpack a ton.) So, I'm thinking - what is so bad about Motrin targeting these moms (or dads) that experience some of this pain?

    Well, I clicked a little further and watched the youtube version, and, umm...yeah - that ad really is distasteful! It seemed pretty snarky, with a sarcastic narrative towards the whole concept of babywearing. What a shame.