Thursday, November 20, 2008

For All Who Asked, The Hungarian Stew Recipe!

4 Tbsp flour
2 lbs beef, cubed
1 onion
1/2 tsp Hungarian Paprika
2 c. water
3 c saurkraut (big jar)
1 cup sour cream

Brown beef in skillet with enough oil to coat bottom of pan, flour, pinch of salt and pepper. Move beef to stock pot. Add onion, paprika, water, saurkraut, potatoes, a couple more shakes of salt & pepper. Simmer an hour or till meat is tender. Stir in sour cream before serving.

Now, this is from a soup place in Montpelier, Vermont & the recipe was hand-written with not very good directions. They were easy enough to understand, though here I have tried to write them a little more cohesively.

If you try out this recipe, let me know how it turned out. It's absolutely delicious!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motrin-Way Off on the Advertising

Update: Motrin has now taken down the advertisement, but can still be seen on YouTube.

So, everybody's talking about the Motrin Babywearing commercial.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess posted something on it

The Motheringdotcommune boards are alive with commentary about it

There's a group on Facebook on the subject

And, of course, I put my two cents in over at The Imperfect Blog

Then, there is the Twitter response on YouTube (thanks to Katja Presnal)

Motrin will surely be getting a huge amount of publicity with this advertisement, even if it is extremely negative. My question is, Will it hurt or actually benefit the company in some way?

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Posts Up At The Imperfect Parent Blog

Two new-ish posts are up and ready at The Imperfect Blog, in which I rant (a little) about going shopping and finding girls' studded padded bras and the finding out that there still is a little bit of magic left in the holiday despite the crazed commercialism of Christmas .

Monday, November 03, 2008

Fall/Winter 08 Mom Writer's Lit Mag Available

It's finally here! The MWLM Fall/Winter issue is now available on the web and in print. Featuring cover story Melissa Stanton, interviews with Andi Silverman and Shari MacDonald, reviews of The Memory Keeper's Daughter and National Security Mom as well as all the regular columns, poetry and essays. Not to be missed! Check it out.