Monday, August 18, 2008

Vegan Lunch Box, Review

Vegan Lunch Box
130 Amazing, Animal-Free Lunches
Kids and Grown-Ups Will Love
Jennifer Mc Cann
DaCapo Press/Lifelong Books, 2008
280 pages, $19.95/$21.00 CAN
ISBN: 978-1-60094-072-9

I don't eat as much meat as I used to. There are several reasons for this-the quality of meat in your basic supermarket is not likely to be very high; The recent stories of the treatment (not to mention all the crap they inject (hormones, antibiotics, etc.) of the cows in the big agro farms has totally put me off; and sometimes, too much meat is just too much. Occasionally, I still like a piece of meat, though, and will buy organic.

I'm not strictly Vegan or Vegetarian, but when I came across Vegan Lunch Box, I enjoyed it for the simple, yet tasty and diverse recipes; the easy to follow menu guides and the allergen-free index in the back. One of my favorite recipes is the Full Meal Muffins, a muffin packed to the top with nutrients sure to fill up the kids without the sugar overload.

And the desserts! Ah....the desserts. Cherry Chip Brownies, anyone?

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