Friday, July 18, 2008

Something Very Satisfying

P1010019So, earlier in the week, I tried my hand at canning for the first time ever. First batch was applesauce and a small one, a test batch. Haven't had any yet, but it seemed to turn out all right. Everything sealed nicely and no mishaps.

Today I made some Mango-Raspberry jam. I cannot wait to try the finished product.
It sure tasted good as I was cooking it up. So, what's the deal? Why have I decided to do this?
Well, several things have prompted me.P1010003

These days, you can't really trust most of what you find in the supermarket to be fully safe and nutritious. Food contamination has been rampant in the news lately, the FDA declaring this or that food unsafe to eat-recently, the whole tomato issue.

It's true that canning and other food preservation techniques has its own risks of contamination, but the difference is you know where your food is coming from and you have control over the preparation. So, in that way, it is safer.

Another thing I considered is what you make yourself usually tastes better than what you get at the supermarket. Home made jam, blueberry pie filling, brandied peaches, applesauce....infinitely better than store bought.

The current state of agricultural/economic affairs also played a role in this new endeavor. Food prices are on the rise and seem to keep on rising, making it difficult to keep up and in stock. Canning can be a very cost-efficient way to keep your cupboard stocked.

There is also something very satisfying about making your own food. A great sense of accomplishment. Does anyone else do this? Have any tips, suggestions, etc.?

I intend to do more of this and blog about it. So stay tuned....

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