Sunday, June 08, 2008

RE: $117,000

So, I got a little bit of a response in posting this by having it picked up at CNN under their 'From The Blogs' feature-an interesting one, I might add. Here is the article in question.

Here are the comments:

This is a ludicrous article. Payment is done for work in exchange for something that benefits the payee. Is the implication that children should pay the mother? Or perhaps the mother should pay herself since she is also a beneficiary of her work. Or maybe taxpayers dollars should be spent to compensate nonworking mothers?

-getting the facts right

As a Dad who does appreciate what Mom does, I can't help but wonder the value of all the work that Dad puts in outside his job: all home maintenance, car upkeep, financial (paying bills, making investments), educating sons and daughters, etc. We (Mom and Dad) were both busy all the time--Dad's extra work is "worth" something too.

It's a partnership.

-Cliff from Alabama

First of all, they need to quit doing these 'studies'. It's unfair and condescending. Insulting. TO THE MOTHERS. And, probably, to some of the Dads, as Cliff from Alabama stated: "Dad's extra work is 'worth' something too." It sure is, and I applaud all the Dads out there that are doing their job(s) inside and outside the home. There are far too many who don't.

Apparently, others feel the same way about

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