Sunday, May 11, 2008

MotherVerse Magazine's Mother's Day Drive for MADRE

Our Drive: MotherVerse wants to support the great mother-centered organization MADRE this Mother's Day by donating a portion of all sales on Mother's Day to the organization. For every subscription(or single issue) ordered today MotherVerse will donate $3 to MADRE to help mothers around the world; including those most affected by the recent cyclone in Myanmar. So give the gift of MotherVerse, or treat yourself, and help mothers who need your support this Mother's Day.

You can also read the feature article Día de la MADRE: In Celebration of Mothers around the Globe in MotherVerse Issue #8.

And remember, MotherVerse offers easy to use gift certificates that can be automatically emailed or printed out and put in a card. If you already have a subscription to MotherVerse consider purchasing one for a friend, your local library, a nearby women's organization or doctor's office. MotherVerse appreciates your grassroots support!

(This was sent to me this morning by Melanie Mayo-Laakso, Editor-In-Chief of MotherVerse Magazine)

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