Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mother Talk: Healthy Child, Healthy World

I was so excited when I heard Healthy Child, Healthy World was on the Mother Talk list. I am always looking for ways to green my routine. Especially when it comes to cleaning. I had known about the many cleaning properties of vinegar for awhile now, but was curious about alternatives to detergents, fabric softeners, furniture polish (not that I do much of that), Drano and Comet; the last two being the more deadly of the bunch. And, what do you know, I found it all in this book, along with some other great resources and facts.

This book is filled with amazing tips and facts, how-to safer cleaning and more, without breaking the bank. I finished it in a day and a half, most likely because it's not just straight text but made up of easy to read sections, great for flipping back and forth.

Each chapter offers tips to make each area of life a little greener: preparing for baby; safer cleaning throughout the house; choosing, eating and storing healthier food; natural body care; safer toys, gear and clothing, and more.

There were quite a few facts and observations that caught my eye. One being a section in the first chapter where Gavigan discusses the heightened occurrence (skyrocketing, actually) of childhood illnesses such as cancer, autism/ADHD, asthma and mental development and retardation, among others. He mentions in the autism section that the occurrence of this illness/disorder "....has jumped almost 400 percent in the last twenty years.....This increase is too high to attribute simply to improved recognition and diagnosis."

Twenty percent. There is something else going on here. Could it also have something to do with the environment we live in? Something to do with all the chemicals in just about everything we consume, aluminum and mercury in the vaccines, pharmaceuticals in the water?

There is just so much information in this book, all of it useful and necessary. You're bound to learn a few (or more) new things.

This book is an essential addition to every parents shelf and anybody who wants to go a little greener.

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