Monday, March 31, 2008

Nationwide 's 'Bank Brat 'Commercial: Oh, It's *Supposed* To Be FUNNY. I See.

This video from Nationwide Insurance really does not sit well with me. I never really paid much attention to it before: it's just a commercial. An insurance commercial.

I saw it again recently, with a new view. There seemed to be an underlying message here: Women-don't bring your kids to work. In fact, why don't you just stay home and take care of the kid.

Perhaps I read too much into things. Perhaps some people will not see this.

The fact that the video is titled 'Bank Brat', the dynamic of working mother with a rather demonic child shooting out paraphernalia through the tube at a car that happens to be driven by a man-it bothers me because of the underlying message.

But what if it were the other way? What if the dad was the bank teller bringing his 'bank brat' to work and the woman in the car? Would I have had the same reaction?

Either way it does not sit well with me.

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  1. The first time I watched that commercial I just laughed at the silliness of the poor dude getting his car wrecked by a kid. But, I can see your pov after watching it again and reading your post. I think so many things can be taken one way or another - it really depends on the individual's perspective.