Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Looking Forward To Reading This Book

Edited to add: Have finished the book! Check out commentary here!-AFTER you read this post!
Called "brutally honest and funny", Vicki Glembocki's book, The Second Nine Months: One Mom Tells the Truth about Becoming a New Mom. Finally. is now out and seems to be garnering lots of press.

When I first heard of this book, I thought, this is a must-read in the Mother Lit genre (I cannot bring myself to call it mommy-chick-lit) simply because it deals with a subject not talked of much: those first few transitional months into motherhood after baby is born.

It looks to be a myth-busting book on all that goes on after baby comes home.

You know there's a spot on my bookshelf for this one.

Excerpt from The Second Nine Months.....

I want to walk out of Target and leave Blair there, wailing.... Nice people work at Target. Surely someone would take her home and care for her and buy her pretty things. So begins Vicki Glembocki’s brutally honest yet hilarious memoir of her agonizing transition into motherhood. Why agonizing? Because no one told her how tough it would be. Finally, Glembocki lays out the truth about those first months with baby: the certainty that you’re doing everything wrong; the desire to kill your husband, your mother, your dog; the struggle to balance who you were with whom you’ve become-a mother. Unlike any other book on motherhood, Glembocki breaks the New Mother Code of Silence, proving that “maternal bliss” is not innate, but learned. Funny and wise, she connects with new moms on a shockingly intimate level, letting them know that they are not alone.

Visit Vicki Glembocki's site
DaCapo Press/Perseus Book Group

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  1. Sounds like a great book! Something I could totally relate to.

    Brings back memories of when I left my baby at Target that one time....j/k :)