Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guest Spot: Vicki Glembocki, Author of The Second Nine Months...

I'm quite excited and honored to have Vicki Glembocki, author of The Second Nine Months, One woman tells the real truth about becoming a mom. Finally. , as the next Guest Spot on WITM.

What To REALLY Expect When You're Expecting

I used to be one of those women who’d hear a mom yell at her child in the middle of Target, and I’d think, Oh. My. God! Then I’d give my husband that, “Did you HEAR her?” look. If my husband wasn’t there, I’d try to catch eyes with another shopper and, when I did, I’d give the shopper the, “Did you HEAR her?” look. And I’d stand there for a minute, listening, deciding that if the mother said one more nasty thing to her child—just one more thing—I’d pull out my cell phone and dial 911.

This was before I was a mom.


And, because I wasn’t a mom yet, I also completely meant it when I promised myself, “When I’m a mom, I will never yell at my child when we’re in a public place.” I also meant it when I said, “When I’m a mom, I will never let my children watch TV.” And, “When I’m a mom, my children will not eat Happy Meals.” And, “When I’m a mom, I’ll never put a DVD player in the car for long trips and, instead, listen to Nancy Drew books-on-tape I borrowed from the library.”

Now that I am a mom, I can say this: Puleeeeease!

But that’s been the hardest part of motherhood for me—coming to terms with all of the wild expectations I had of what being a mom would be like. When I was pregnant with my first, people warned me about two things: that I’d be tired and that I wouldn’t have time to shower. So I expected to be a little sleepy and a little stinky, but staring at my baby all stoned on maternal bliss thinking that she was the best thing that ever happened to me and that my life was finally complete.

Um. Not quite.

And that’s exactly why I wrote my book, The Second Nine Months: One Woman Tells the REAL Truth About Becoming a Mom. Finally. Because transitioning into motherhood was so much harder than anyone ever said it would be. It was part identity crisis, part alone-on-a-deserted-island, part hell. I never, ever expected any of that. I also never evpected to feel totally alone and like I was the worst mom on earth. I wrote the book so other moms-to-be and new moms would KNOW what to really expect.

But, the funny thing is, I’m still at the crossroads of expectation and reality. Every day. Every time I wake up and say, “TODAY we will not watch Dora. TODAY we will finger paint. TODAY we will go to the Aquarium.” And then, before I know it, Dora’s on and I’m feeling like the crapiest mom on the planet. So, perhaps the only expectation moms should have is that they will always, and forever be questioning whether or not they’re good moms.

Like I did. Last week. When my daughter was running away from me. And I was yelling at her. At Target.


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