Saturday, February 02, 2008

Feb 08 Issue of National Geographic-Some Thoughts

Recently, I picked up the February '08 issue of National Geographic. Particularly because I was intrigued by the cover story: The Black Pharaohs: Conquerors of Ancient Egypt.

While the story was interesting and brought up some previously unknown points on Egypt and its Pharaohs, there were a few things that ran through my mind:

1) How could there NOT be black pharaohs in Egypt, or at least ancestry of such a race within Egypt and its line of pharaohs? It is in Africa; with Egypt having the close neighbors of Nubia and Sudan. That's like saying Jesus was as white as a pearl with blond hair and blue eyes....That in itself never made sense to me-look at the geography.

2) There was a statement in that particular article about how 'the ancient world was devoid of racism'. I realize that the author is talking about how 'the fact that his [Piye: Pharaoh] skin was dark was irrelevant'. Perhaps it was. But to make such a statement as racism not being present-and to go so far as to say devoid- is, for me, hard to believe.

Perhaps there was a kind of racism. Perhaps it just wasn't the kind we know of now; what we are familiar with, what we would recognize as racism. Is it possible?

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  1. hey there, I want to thank you for leaving your thoughts on that piece,because I have been searching all over the web trying to find something on this. I have to complete an essay on this, and I have no clue. Your thoughts have given me a little insite. thanx jojo