Monday, January 28, 2008

Short Comment on No Evil Star, Anne Sexton

No Evil Star: Selected Essays, Interviews and Prose
Anne Sexton

Edited by Steven E. Colburn , 1985
Softcover, 206 pages
University of Michigan Press

I had originally received this book as a Mother's Day gift a few years ago and never read it through in its entirety until now.
I started reading Sexton shortly after I discovered Plath-it seemed the next logical step, I suppose.

In No Evil Star, you can really hear Sexton's voice, get a glimpse of her personality through her words in the interviews, prose, poetry excerpts, etc. Now, whether she was actually telling the truth is another matter entirely.

Still, it's an enjoyable book and is, I think, a necessary read for anybody interested in Sexton's work.

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