Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sesame Street For The "Kids"

Is it me or does Sesame Street seem a little 'adult' these days? Not in the sex blog kind of way, or anything like that.

Some of the sketches strike me as a little-to-way- beyond a kid's understanding, using references to adult shows such as Law and Order, The Apprentice, and others. Was it always this way?

Then it occurs to me-holy crap-they're marketing to those kids who grew up with the damn show in the 70's and 80's, and now have kids of their own.

**Ack! That would be me!**


What happened? While there are still segments of the show that are truly kid-friendly, etc., the magic is gone, inspiration is gone, simplicity is gone.

Is it time for Sesame Street to just bow out? Possibly. Gracefully or not.

Just a thought....

And, yes, I've vented about the sad situation of Sesame Street before.....


  1. Oh I don't know. I'm in your age bracket and I remember some little skits that mimicked Howard Cosell, vaudeville, and other references from eras earlier. I do remember not really getting some things on the show when I was a kid and asking my mom who then had to explain some old movie star or show that they were impersonating. It's just not magical to us anymore cause we are all grown up. Seems like most kids still like it. It's just not as big because now there's cable and a jillion other kid shows and programs, etc. We just see it now with older eyes . . . . . . kinda boring. I like the old ones best too because they aren't all PC like the new ones :(

  2. Yes, I suppose you're right.

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    The first and old Sesame Street will always be the best one even if it was made simple than the graphics and costume that technology can offer now. The script and story of the old one is funnier for me, maybe because I was a kid then and can't appreciate it now that I've grown up.