Saturday, December 15, 2007

Spreading Christmas Cheer In The 21st Century

Coming out of the coffee shop, Mocha Latte in Mama's hand, banana bread in the Girl's hand, getting on our way-slowly, slowly-

Two men passed us by, said 'Merry Christmas!' and kept on walking. It seemed so ominous-I thought: yeah okay, aren't You full of Christmas cheer. Then I turned around and there was a mysterious bag with poinsettias all over it, tucked in the sled we'd been toting around. Upon inspection, I found it to be filled with chocolates and some crazy crafty-with-a-'K' snowman decoration.

Now, perhaps these men were just in the spirit of Christmas, perhaps they were of the church, good Samaritans, whatever. But, I found it almost intrusive that these people would do such a thing. More so that it was two men gifting a woman and child. Christmas cheer, good chocolate, or not, I still found it intrusive.

You just can't trust anything these days.

Needless to say, the bag got 'lost' along the way. It's a bit sad that it has come to this: there can't be good cheer, even at Christmastime without suspicion.

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