Thursday, December 06, 2007

Keeping Up On The Recalls

I keep up with the recalls, mostly. I scour the net on occasion and subscribe to the recall feeds (much easier than scouring, really).

According to the U. S. Safety Product Commission, there have been a rash of recalls concerning children's clothes with drawstrings on them. They apparently cause a strangulation/entrapment hazard.

First of all, why are there drawstrings on children's clothes? Oh, but wait...These look as if they are made for children around 7-10, maybe? Perhaps they should just go ahead and recall all the adult clothes with drawstrings on them too.

I'd be more concerned if there were drawstrings on infants and toddlers clothing. Or if they contained lead.

I mean, can we not discern between what really isn't safe and what is?

Another recall concerns a children's wooden storage shelf that tipped over onto a child and caused its death after he pulled on it.

It could be shoddy manufacturing ( after all, it was made in China), but could it be a possiblity that directions were not followed and it was not entirely put together properly?

Some of the recalls today seem so extreme to me. Would you recall coffee because somebody got severely burned? Oh wait! They did! They did! I can't believe it! Well, the coffee mug. Just wait till the coffee cools down a bit.

I don't know, while there are real, legitimate recalls, it seems there is an equal amount where it seems as if companies are just covering their asses for the people who can't figure out how to put something together or that the coffee is, you know, HOT.

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