Monday, December 17, 2007

Finished Lady Chatterley's Lover, After Thoughts

Lady Chatterley's Lover
D. H. Lawrence
314 Pages

Finished Lady Chatterley's Lover sometime early Saturday. That's right, finished in just three days. I am always so moved by this book, yet so very disappointed by the time I get to the end, simply and precisely because it ends. I always feel as if I am never truly done with the book.

Lawrence may have been a prick and whatever else, but goddamn it, he wrote well! You could say that about most any author with a few substitutions-Plath, for instance. She may have been 'suicidal' and 'depressive'-or more likely, a woman well before her time-but goddamn, she could write!

Virginia Woolf? Same thing.
Thomas Hardy? Indeed.

And the writers of our time? There are some who fit the bill.

Lawrence makes the statement- in nearly all his books, actually-of how This is a time of crisis, or words to that effect.

Isn't every age in some crisis? Doesn't every generation have a 'time of crisis'? Of upheaval, restlessness, unsettling action? We are never without crises.

We are now, here in the 21st century, in a time of crises. Every decade has been proclaimed as a 'time of crisis'.

On another thought: Somebody PLEASE make a decent movie of Lady Chatterley's Lover! It is common knowledge that when you see a movie after reading the book it inspired, mostly the movie hardly lives up to the book. There are a few exceptions: Howard's End was a great movie. The Remains of the Day-great. Sense and Sensibility was a great movie. Cold Mountain-of course. All of these lived up to the book for me. Lady Chatterley, in all its movie versions, did not.

So, Anthony Minghella, James Ivory, Lasse Hallstrom, would any of you care to make Lady Chatterley's Lover? It would be much appreciated.

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