Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The New Yorker-Subscription Department

Recently, I got a 'Professional Discount Subscription Rate' for The New Yorker, 'cause I'm a....professional.

It is tempting. It is a ridiculously small amount to pay.

However, I will not be buying a single issue, much less a whole subscription, until there are more women featured throughout the whole magazine, particularly the poetry and feature departments.

Paul Muldoon-will you be addressing this?

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  1. I... I... !!
    Great post. And I'm right there with you!!
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues

  2. Yeah. Good idea. Reject good literature out of protest because of the genitalia they carry. You had a chance to subscribe when Tina Brown was Editor there, but she didn't last long since she only caused problems for the magazine. While you're on your campaign, why not avoid television, music, cars and food all of which are designed produced and delivered primarily by men. Oh yeah, this internet thing you bravely use as a platform, predominantly provided to you by men. Good luck with your battles. Why not write something and get it published yourself by the New Yorker? I have.

  3. Audrey-I'm so glad someone agrees with me.

    Jon-I'm not rejecting good literature. And I'm not on any sort of campaign. And I certainly don't intend to do battle.

    You say you've been in The New Yorker. Convenient, is it not, that your profile turns up as "Not Available" and you leave no sort of evidence that you have indeed been published at The New Yorker.