Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spotlight: Cold Hollow Cider Mill: It's About That Time

Here in Vermont, the leaves are beginning to change to their brilliant shades of red, orange and gold; a cool, brisk wind begins to creep in; the leaf peepers come in by the bus load-always good for a laugh and a grumble as you hear 'Oh, it's such a quaint town' for the hundredth time in one day; and-one of the true signs of fall-Cider Mill Cider doughnuts are appearing in the bakeries and coffee shops.

A must-see-and-do event is the Cold Hollow Cider Mill. Fall just doesn't seem complete without a trip here.

The Mill is one of the top producers of cider in New England. Situated in Waterbury, Vermont, it is open to the public year round. They have free complete tours where you can get samples and watch the entire cider milling process, done with the old, traditional rack and cloth press technique. It might be a good idea to get reservations if doing a group tour, but it's not necessary.

Although well-known for their Apple Cider, they have many other tasty goodies such as cider jelly (very tasty, highly recommended) , Mustards (Maple Horseradish, Honey, Maple, and Cider Mustard), Apple Butter!! (Spiced and Unsweetened-I live on this during the fall!), delicious jellies (Wild Rose Hip, Wild Elderberry, Wild Strawberry, Wild Beach Plum, and Gooseberry, just to name a few) and, of course, the cider donuts. I hear you can get the dough mix for the doughnuts these days so you can make them for yourself.

A good trip for the kids, adults, out-of-towners, and locals alike, Cold Hollow Cider Mill is sure to have something for everyone.

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