Monday, September 17, 2007

Seventh Generation, Response

About two weeks ago, I posted this, featuring Seventh Generation Diapers in the Spotlight. In that post, I included my letter I never sent and put forth my frustration.

Today, I got a response from Customer Service at Seventh Generation:

Hi Kris,

Thanks for being in touch with us about the diapers and I want to apologize on behalf of Seventh Generation for not responding to you sooner. I read the info on your blog and I appreciate you letting us know about this matter. I am a diaper user with my toddler and although I have been fortunate not to have issues I am more than aware of the defects we have had periodically with the diapers. We had several
large batches of tab issues around the 1st of the year which have since been rectified aside from the occasional package showing up in the marketplace. Our issues are manufacturing related and more importantly are around the parameters in which we catch mistakes early enough. The issue is we have not caught them in time and thus we continue to have these unfortunate dialogues around quality. In the current model they are not being caught early enough. The fact that we have had a "new and improved" label was purely coincidental as we have had that same packaging design for over 2 1/2 years since we changed from a German based manufacturer to one in the United States. At the end of the day we are still putting out a quality diaper, the issue is as prior mentioned tightening up parameters around quality issues and that is something that is paramount as we move forward. With all that said, I can not take back your frustration to date rather let you know how valuable your patronage has been as well as your feedback. I would like to refund you for the equivalent amount of a case of our diapers (4pkgs) and provide you with a voucher for a future package. If you would e-mail your complete address information I will send that along accordingly. Lastly, I would appreciate you referring consumers to contact us if they to have issues as this is something we do not assume the consumer to accommodate our shortcomings. Thanks again ...

Take care for now ...

Consumer Relations
Seventh Generation

I have to say, I was quite pleased with a few things: the response-it was quicker than I would have thought it to be; The overall tone of the email message was considerate; I didn't quite expect the refund and voucher, but I'm not going to refuse it.

Thank you, Jason, for doing your job well.

Great job in customer service!

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