Friday, September 21, 2007

Seventh Generation Update: The Follow-Up Email and Coupon Vouchers

I received these coupons and free voucher for a package of diapers today, along with a hand-written note from Jason, the same customer service person who handled my Product review.

Also, the follow-up email (9/18/07):

Hi Kris,

Thank you for following back and you are most welcome. I have put in a refund
request for 51.96 for 4 pkgs. I have also sent you a voucher for a free bag of diapers
that can be used at any local retailer that sells the diapers or at
You should see the voucher in about a week and the refund in about 2-3 weeks. In the meantime
I thank you again and wish you and your family well ...

Take care,

Again, nice. Plain and simple -And quick service. Have not received the package of diapers yet, but will update as soon as they arrive.

Again, Thank you Jason and Seventh Generation for excellent customer service.

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