Friday, September 07, 2007

Publications and Other Contributions

Kris writes somewhere in the woods of Vermont.

Some of her work has appeared in The Whole Mom, Mom Writers Lit Mag and MotherVerse.

Here you will find all of Kris’ work, including Poetry, Essays and different blogs she contributes to.

If you would like to contact Kris about any of her work, please email:
krisunderwood (at) gmail (dot) com



Swimming (Stretchmarks)
Literary Mama, May '08

Nap, October 28, 2007

MomWritersLitMagazine, Fall 2007

The Mystery
Realizations Of Identity
MotherVerse, Issue #6, May 2007

Snippet At 5 Months

1 a.m., nearly 2, Late Summer
The Whole Mom, March 2007

Mom Writers Literary Magazine, Winter 2006

“All The Birds Say Caw Caw”
Poetry Midwest, Fall 2006, #17

Mama Says Newsletter, 2005

(as the interviewer)

Katy Farber of Non-Toxic Kids at MotherVerse Blog

(Previously at the Original Moms Speak Up)

Vicki Glembocki, author of The Second Nine Months..., MotherVerse #8. 2008

(review mentioned on Vicki Glembocki's site)

Annie Downey at Hip Mama, Summer '08....See an excerpt at Annie Downey's blog!

Andi Silverman, author of Mama Knows Breast, Mom Writer's Lit Mag Fall/Winter '08

Caroline Grant & Elrena Evans of Mama, PhD, MotherVerse Magazine & WITM
You can also find the interview at Mama PhD site. as well as a mention at Elrena Evans' site

Mom Writer's Literary Magazine

Writer's Resources Fall/Winter '08
Writer's Resources Summer '08
Writer's Resources Spring '08
Writer's Resources Winter '07

Cover Story: Melissa Stanton

Review: National Security Mom, Gina M. Bennett
(Full review here)


Putting Myself on Boyfriend Probation
Crazy Hip Blog Mamas, May 2007

Maybe someday I will meet a nice fellow that’s not into drugs or absolutely, legitimately crazy, but for now, I am perfectly content with being on self-appointed Boyfriend Probation.

Mosaic Minds, December 2006

I can’t remember my dreams worth anything these days. I know I do dream: upon waking I can recall snippets of the night’s dream, until it quickly vanishes completely from my fuzzy brain.

"Poetry and Mothering"
Mama Says Newsletter, 2005


Writing In The Mountains
My Personal Blog

Imperfect Parent Blog

Mom Writer's Literary Magazine(Blog)
MotherVerse Blog: Mothering Out Loud

Moms Speak Up
Moms Speak Up is collaborative blog of writers from various backgrounds. We’re talking about the environment, dangerous imports, food safety, toy recalls, education, health care and many other topics of concern.

“When Mothers talk, great things happen.”

The Green Mom Review
Scours the net for environmentally sound products so you don't have to.

My Review Page
Featuring reviews from Mother-Talk, sponsored and non-sponsored reviews, of books and products on the site.

All material (articles and poems) is copyright Kris Underwood (2010) unless otherwise noted.

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