Saturday, September 15, 2007

Family Tries (Note The Word) To Live Off Of $105/Week In Food Stamps

So, I came across an article from the local paper a while ago-a week ago, actually. It's been going on for that long.

The basis of it is this family of five will try and make it on $105 /week for food via the state Food Stamps Program.

Now, while I realize they are trying to prove the point that the amount is not really enough to live on, there are plenty of other people on Food Stamps getting half of that with the same amount of people in the house.

I would liked to have seen them live on $50 or, at the most, $75/week.

As I said, I realize there is a point to all this, but I think it is more than a 'bit condescending' that this was done. After all, that family gets to go back to their 'normal', while all the other families who ARE on food stamps continue to get their $75-80/week, go to food banks and wonder if they will have enough food to last the rest of the month.

Oh, if we all had the opportunity to just 'try it out' sometime......
"I would have a very hard time thinking about food, and the cost of food (all the time)," added Taormina. "There's a luxury to not being able to think about it."

There are millions of people who do that every singe day.
Check out the comments, too, at the end of the article.

Food Stamp Article Via Times Argus, Montpelier, Day 1

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