Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Baby Einstein Recognized For The Evil It Is

Well, it's not too surprising, really.

From Machinist: Tech Blog, @

"Babies who watch the videos are less verbally proficient than those who do not; researchers found that for every hour that an infant between 8 to 16 months old spends watching a brain DVD, he understands, on average, 6 to 8 fewer words than a kid who didn't do Einstein."

From Time Magazine

"Previous studies have shown, for example, that babies learn faster and better from a native speaker of a language when they are interacting with that speaker instead of watching the same speaker talk on a video screen. "Even watching a live person speak to you via television is not the same thing as having that person in front of you," says Christakis."

I will admit, my child did watch some of it, but at some point early on-probably when I realized- Holy shit! This is like sedative drugs for babies!!!!-those DVDs never entered our house again. And have not since.

What really struck me was when Pres. Bush upheld this company as a great example of American Social Entrepreneur at January's State Of The Union Address:

"After her daughter was born, Julie Aigner-Clark searched for ways to share her love of music and art with her child. So she borrowed some equipment, and began filming children's videos in her basement. The Baby Einstein Company was born, and in just five years her business grew to more than $20 million in sales. In November 2001, Julie sold Baby Einstein to the Walt Disney Company, and with her help Baby Einstein has grown into a $200 million business. Julie represents the great enterprising spirit of America. And she is using her success to help others -- producing child safety videos with John Walsh of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Julie says of her new project: "I believe it's the most important thing that I have ever done. I believe that children have the right to live in a world that is safe." And so tonight, we are pleased to welcome this talented business entrepreneur and generous social entrepreneur -- Julie Aigner-Clark. (Applause.)"

Evil paired with more Evil!- Einstein and Disney!!! Well, I guess that says alot about America in itself.

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