Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have a post over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas today. It's something I originally posted on the blog awhile ago. I always liked it. Go on over and check it out.

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  1. i'm visiting from chbm and I absolutely loved your post. I've been trying to tell woman my age [early 20's] the same thing for years. Whenever i started having kids at the ripe age of 21 i knew that my partying days were over yet somehow my friends who where in the same situation thought it was ok to dump the kidlets with the parents and continue on their drunken college sleep with whoever gave them the come hither look ways. it urks my buttons to know end and it is really good to see someone finally taking a stand against it and putting themselves on boyfriend probation since that is the right thing to do.

    *cheers, cheers, to you and your wee-one*

    I will more than likely cross-reference this post later today on my blog so be looking out for linky number two.

    BTW, you are so going in my feed reader now. hee hee

  2. I found you via the CHBM, and commented there as well. I have enjoyed your writing, what I have read, I share some of your same sentiments, I will be back!

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