Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So, the Bear Pond Reading went really well. 23 people read, a few extra listening. It was a big crowd, relatively speaking. Lots of new faces this year as well as the regulars.

I really need to get out and do more readings, open mikes, whatever. I could use the practice. I felt I read too quickly at Bear Pond. Need to work on that. Slow it down. Measure my words.

Anyway, it was enjoyable as always. There seemed to have been a mother/parent theme running through. Sam Kolber read one of my favorite poems, Jewel Tones. Love that poem.

Will write more on this later...There were so many great poems...

I read The Mystery (in MotherVerse currently), a poem about crows, and this one:

The Book That Has Traveled With Me the Longest
Edward D. Campbell’s ‘Encyclopedia of Palmistry’ , 1996

It’s been held
Through too many moves to count,
Through indomitable heat and bitter cold,
North to South, and back again.

It’s been almost left behind
In the woods of Vermont,
Buried in the back of a car
With an Indian on the side
On the way to Florida

Trundled through the curiosities
Of adolescence, mid-20’s and pregnancy

It shows no wear, no tear
Despite the fact that it’s been
10 years or more of here to there

If you pay attention though,
It can tell your fortune by hand.

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