Tuesday, March 06, 2007

10 Weird Things...

I got tagged by Maple Mama-woo!

1) I have a somewhat extensive collection of The New Yorker magazines. I think it goes back to 1995, with a few from 1956/7. I got most of them from the free rack at the library...

2) I tend to go through my belongings (books, clothes, etc.) regularly and dispose of what I don't want anymore without a second thought. I've done this since my teens, I suppose. My mother could never understand how I could do this. She still cannot.

3) In all my time in Vermont, I have not once been skiing, snowboarding, or done any other outdoor sport in the winter. More likely, you'll find me sitting in front of the fire at the ski lodge, or at the coffee house sipping something with extra espresso, chocolate, and a little nip of something.

4) Speaking of espresso, I am a coffee freak. Enough said.

5) It drives me nuts when people cannot speak properly. For example, saying 'expresso' for 'espresso'. I just want to scream at them-"It's ES-PRESSOOOOOOO people!!!!!!!!"

6) Also, it drives me nuts when people can't write properly. Go figure.

7) I started writing poetry around 16.

8) My first journal dates 1991. I plan on burning it one day.

9) I am obsessively picky about my writing utensils. I like the Uni-ball Vision gel pen, fine point.
Absolutely NO PENCILS. I can't remember the last time I used one, actually.

10) Also picky about my journals. I tend to stick with the hardback journals. I don't do the computer journal thing, as most people today tend to do. I did try it for a summer a couple years ago. But, it remains good old pen and paper for me.

I tag Poet Tree and Jillypoet


  1. Great list! I'm not a fan of pencils either. Have you actually read all of the New Yorkers?

  2. I lived by ski resorts for 4 years and never hit the slopes