Monday, February 05, 2007

Devilishly Boring

Update on the previous post reading The Devil Wears Prada:

It occurred to me last night that it is a 'fluff book'. Something you read and say, yeah. So what? It has not changed my life profoundly. It does not have striking language (a defining factor for me). It does have a great biggest-bitch-boss-from-hell character, but even that gets boring. I'm getting bored with the book. Just my opinion...

So, you're an assistant to one of the biggest fashion bitches in history. You stay with the job, makes you miserable. Occasional mishaps with friend and kinda-but-not boyfriend. Boring.

I continue reading, 203

Edited to add:

This is alot like Bridget Jones's Diary and the issue I had with that book. I considered it such a fluff book that I couldn't even finish it. And the complement movie-well, that went into the category of 'background movie'.


  1. Too bad the book stinks (i haven't read it yet.) The movie is awesome. Usually it's the other way around. I rarely like a movie after I read the book.

  2. Some fluff isn't a bad thing, right? Breaks up the monotony of thinking all the time.

  3. I suppose some fluff is alright at times. But it's the language of the book that makes it or breaks it for me.