Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Books I Can Relegate To The Finished Pile

Don't really have a 'finished pile', really.

I just recently finished The English Patient by Michael Ondattje as well as Little Birds by Anais Nin and Chocalat by Joann Harris. All great books. But I think The English Patient takes the cake for the most incredible, beautiful language out of the three. At one point, when he is rather drunk and insanely jealous, Almasy announces congratulations to the group of desert explorers, calling them 'Planetary strangers'. Love that phrase. There are so many others in that book.

It always strikes me how very different a movie can be from its counterpart book. Chocolat was almost completely different from the movie, in plot, certain characters and events. Vianne's background is completely different in the movie-that of Mayan decent. And-she doesn't really end up with Roux. The story of Reynaud is very different, too, in the book-more disturbing, actually. The movie was pretty good though. Book was better. As in most cases.

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