Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Books I Can Relegate To The Finished Pile

Don't really have a 'finished pile', really.

I just recently finished The English Patient by Michael Ondattje as well as Little Birds by Anais Nin and Chocalat by Joann Harris. All great books. But I think The English Patient takes the cake for the most incredible, beautiful language out of the three. At one point, when he is rather drunk and insanely jealous, Almasy announces congratulations to the group of desert explorers, calling them 'Planetary strangers'. Love that phrase. There are so many others in that book.

It always strikes me how very different a movie can be from its counterpart book. Chocolat was almost completely different from the movie, in plot, certain characters and events. Vianne's background is completely different in the movie-that of Mayan decent. And-she doesn't really end up with Roux. The story of Reynaud is very different, too, in the book-more disturbing, actually. The movie was pretty good though. Book was better. As in most cases.

The Unintentional Placement of Shakespeare's Hamlet

While scanning my shelves for something new-ish to read (I have a fiction kick going on these days), I notice the, quite unintentional, placement of Shakespeare's Hamlet: between two copies of Reviving Ophelia: Saving the selves of adolescent girls, by Mary Pipher. Why do I have two copies of that book? I don't know. Probably picked the last one up, forgetting-at the time-I already had a copy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Variation on La Leche League's 'Super Summer Tuna'

I've been flipping through a near-ancient (published in 1981) La Leche League Cookbook these past few months. I love it: the recipes are incredibly simple, quick and delicious. It's timeless. Here's one that could possibly lift the winter blues, get you thinking about summer:

Variation on La Leche League's "Super Summer Tuna"
(from the LLL Cookbook)

1 6 oz. can tuna (or 1 package), drained
2 hard boiled eggs, diced
1/2 c. macaroni noodles
3 Tbsp. Goat Yogurt and/or Mayo (or more, depending on your taste)
Mustard, to taste
1/4 c.-1/2 c. pickle juice
1-2 Whole dill pickles, cut however you want (sweet pickles can work too)
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 small onion, diced
1 small apple, diced. (either peeled or not)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and serve on toast or plain in a bowl. Refridgerate leftovers.
Makes about 3-4 servings.

This is such a versatile recipe. You could substitute many ingredients, or add a few.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Like A Good American (A Rant On Reality Shows)

I got an email in my box this morning from the BlogHer conference newsletter saying this:

Update #3: Do you love "Ugly Betty"? Or "24"?

If so then you will be happy to hear that Maria Niles is going to bring prime-time TV coverage to BlogHer, while Elisa soldiers on covering the Reality TV beat. That means this week you've got recaps of both Ugly Betty and Grease: You're The One That I Want, with 24 and American Idol soon to follow. BlogHer: Not afraid to be your guilty pleasure!

Hey, it's great that they're doing Primetime TV coverage, I guess. But, really. Who cares?

I personally have never delved into these shows like a good American. I can't stand American Idol, though I can see the appeal. Some of those people are really really bad. I watched the Grease thing once, when I was confined to the couch by a gruesome cold. It was horrible, both the show and the cold. One show dedicated to finding the right Danny and Sandy? Come on, people.

I guess I'm just not 'American' enough.

Anything can be made into a Reality Show these days. Doesn't always have to be quality(are they ever), or even entertaining. Jessica Simpson, anyone? Even the Food Network has gotten into the game with Top Chef.

Between the old classic American Idol, Grease, and even the shows on The Food Network what will they come up with next?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'd Be Broke

I'd be so broke if I subscribed to every single literary journal I read and liked. There are so many out there.
A couple I've been reading:

-Smartish Pace (this has restored my faith in poetry)

-Ploughshares (They just launched a blog not too long ago as well as Kenyon Review. Both very informative and...entertaining. The journal itself is fabulous too.)

-Indiana Review


-redivider (from Emerson College. great art and a clean look inside)

-Poetry (been reading this since I was something like 14)

-Hunger Mountain (Vermont College. Been reading this one since it came out in '02. Always good everything.)

-New England Review

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Poetry Midwest Is Up

So, PM is up (cutting it close) with a poem of mine about Crows. Check it out. page 38.

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