Monday, December 04, 2006

What The Hell Happened To Sesame Street?

I may begin to sound 'old' here, so skip if you want, or not. Whatever.

I'm not sure what to think about Sesame Street these days.

What's Seth Green Doing on Sesame Street ?

ELMO. The Girl hates elmo. She won't tolerate elmo. At ALL. Telly looks like he's developed a crack habit. It's more screechy than I remember, definitely, in comparison to those old VHS tapes. I mean, the whole Elmo sketch alone is longer than it needs to be, too flashy. Although, I guess it reflects the times we live in.

The Girl loves the show-from the 70's/80's. There is a slew of old Sesame Street VHS tapes at the library that we check out on a regular basis. In love with it.
The new/recent Sesame Street has been on (and off) since we got cable. Mostly off.

Just saying- Sesame Street, for me, has gone down the tubes with its loud, screechy, flashy ways. Which is just too bad. I don't know, seems as if it all started with Jim Henson's death. (Much respect to him).


  1. sesame street used to be amazing.
    now it's just the same formula with bits and pieces dumped in. but it's horribly repetetive and BORING. my kids were totally NOT interested

  2. I haven't seen it in year. My son use to be scared of James Brown when he was on and would scream.

  3. elmo ruined sesame street. what happened to the beetles? the clever skits and parodies they used to make? now its all hey look at me im elmo!