Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chick-Lit and Mommy-Lit

Chick Lit: The Sequel, NYT

From Media Bistro

"My feeling about my own work is, I could be writing 'The Aeneid' and they would still have to call it chick lit or mommy lit or menopausal old hag lit," said Jennifer Weiner. "Crone lit - is that what's coming next?" Well, it sounds about as good as AARP lit, I suppose...

She has a good point.

Everything is a marketing strategy these days. Women and Mothers are now clumped into the somewhat unattractive group of 'Chick-and Mommy-Lit'. It, really, is almost another way to discredit the wisdom and words of Motherhood and, just generally, being a woman.

Yeah, I write stuff that is Mother-related, stuff that would probably be considered Chick and Mommy Lit. I don't write it because I know it'll be a good 'marketing strategy'. I write it because it's part of my life and you write what you know. Just as many other Mothers and women do, and have done, through the years: write what you know.


  1. at first I thought you were going to write about chewing gum....


    (My mother would have said, they can call me anything... as long as they call me for dinner!)

  2. Hello, I just came by on the NaBloPoMo Randomizer. I was just thinking about this yesterday when I mentioned my blog to a grad students and she kind of snorted derisively. "What's it about?" I said, "I don't know, it's not a Mommy Blog. I have a 14 year old but I don't write about parenting. I write about...hmmm...stuff that happens to me." Is it Chick Lit? I'm 44, a serious academic editor, I live in Turkey, I enjoy noting my surroundings (mostly absurd things). Is it Chick Lit? Do I have to be a Chick, even at 44? I wasn't a Chick at 20.(Sigh)...Oh, nice to meet you, by the way, call me for dinner, too. :)