Sunday, November 12, 2006

Stay Away From The Artificial Sweeteners! Run Away!!

We all know artificial sweeteners are Evil. Why do we continue to consume them?
And-why can't I just have a piece of fucking gum without this shit in it? Just regular sugar in my gum for me, thank you. Seriously- I can't do gum at all because all of it has some sort of artificial sweetener in it. I'm quite pissed about that.

I understand some people just can't have sugar, and diabetics need to have a certain diet that contains little sugar, etc.
But what about the rest of us? We don't need it. It doesn't need to be in everything.

People, don't you know it's all evil(Nutrasweet, Aspartame, Equal, Sweet n' Low, Splenda) , that it causes all sorts of crazy shit? Headaches, Cancer, for fuck's sake? Stuff we probably aren't aware of?

Take a look at these:
Aspartame-'the most dangerous of all'
This gives an overview on most of the sweeteners, gives side effects of Aspartame and introduces a book by Janet Hull titled Is Splenda Safe? Very informative.

Wikipedia's article on Sugar Substitutes.

Artificial Sweeteners and Cancer: Q and A

Okay...So what would it take to get all brands of artificial sweetener out of our food, gum, candy, etc, etc.?


  1. well.. we'll all die from it, then no one will be left to buy it.

    All humor aside.......... There's alot of artificial flavors and scents that I wonder about, too.

    Don't you ever worry about breathing that spray stuff in the air fresheners???

  2. Yes! I just don't get it either. How can some bizarre chemical that someone concocted in a lab be "healthier" than just eating actual food for gods sake???

    It's pure unadulterated suger for me, all the way!

  3. my mom is allergic to aspartame - so i stay far far away. i can't stand the taste anyway - super yuck.

    Since i make soaps and lotions, i've spent a lot of time thinking about artificial fragrances and decided that it's not worth it. no one has a clue what that stuff does to your cells. why don't people get a clue that 'cucumber melon' is completely contrived/

  4. You are so right. Aspartame gives me headaches. And artificial sweeteners seem to be hidden in everything! I purchased low sugar instant oatmeal. After my first bowl, I was sick to my stomach. I looked carefully at the label and found sucralose and threw out the box. It was labeled as good for diabetics! This could do some serious damage to a diabetic. Every fucking gum has sucralose now.