Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Searching In The Mountains

Yesterday was my 200th post, by the way.

It's always curious how people get to your site via search. Here's some of the latest:

-Super duper scary poems
-halloween Scary writing
-scary Mountains
-spooky stories

(No doubt brought them here )

-Why are things so shitty (This, right here)

-What sweeteners are okay? (None are okay. Here.)

-Hot bedroom stories. (Dude, why'd you come here?Hasn't been none of that in awhile round this way. I don't know what brought that here.)
-Kama Sutra

-Why isnt pluto a planet anymore. (I can't believe I still get hits from this. It's cool though. Check it out)

-Sylvia Plath

-Eris (here)

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