Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Hot Topic: Homebirth

I read the Imperfect Parent pretty regularly. I read the blog just as much. Occasionally, I'll click the little box at the end of the article to be notified of any future comments on that particular piece.

One that I've been keeping an eye on is Jessica Carlson's Homebirths: Natural or Foolish. The subject itself is a hot topic anyway, producing passionate opinions on both sides: Homebirth vs. hospital birth. The article is certainly getting alot of press in terms of comments and such (including this post). She made the comment of 'wanting to incite some controversy'. I think she has, for better or worse.
To make such generalizations about a group of women and calling them 'Foolish' for a choice they think is right for them, you better be prepared for some sort of retaliation, whether it be mild or otherwise abrasive.

I've written something about this particular article before and had much of the same thoughts as most of the commenters. This piece still gets to me sometimes (obviously, or I wouldn't write about it again).

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