Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bridget Jones's Diary, The Movie, The Book

Yes, yes. I have just now seen the movie. Not a tragedy.

This is very much a background movie for me: something you put on as noise when it’s too quiet in the house.

I read the book years ago, back in West Palm Beach. I thought, my god, can this woman get any more obsessive, what with the counting of cigarettes, alcohol units and weight gained and lost, etc., at the beginning of each chapter?

Still, I read it, all the way through, back and forth on the bus from Lake Worth to West Palm Beach nearly every day. Those were the days when I really kept up on what was new in Fiction, et al. Alas, not so much these days, but I try….

I can see why and how this was so popular and sold well. The movie, at least, is pretty formulaic. 30 something woman depressed about being single, thinks she found right man, turns out to be ass, finds right man who has been there all along, ends all happy sappy. Oh, and for good measure, throw in a fight between Was Mr. Right and Is Mr. Right.

Still, I feel compelled to see the sequel. Is that sappy?

Renee looked lovely, though. She didn’t look waspish in the movie, or ghostly, like some of the other actors do, which is always nice. You know, she looked real.

Perhaps that can be another subject for the future....How Thin Is Too Thin? type of thing- Male and Female.


  1. so... there was a book? ha ha ha.

    Usually once I read a book I am disappointed in the movie.

    I remember reading Cold Mountain some years ago - and it was so sad

    When the movie came out I couldn't go see it.

  2. Resist the urge - if you felt BJD1 was a "background" movie for you - you're going to need to be out in the driveway for the sequel!! Trust me on this!