Friday, October 13, 2006

So, Is Peppermint Tea Okay When Pregnant?

Just recently, people have been coming to my blog via Googling the above question. Just how and why did they come here, precisely? Take a look at This Post. I would like to say, Yes. Yes, peppermint tea is okay when pregnant. It is actually one of the safest teas out and about. Of course, this is not sound, medical advice. I'm just a mom and a blogger. What do I know, right?

It's always interesting to see what brings people to your site.
Some recent searches:
-"Vermont Woman" (From this post, probably)

-"wheat free"

-"The Sun Magazine", "suri" (This Post)

-"Mary Peck Butterworth" (This Post)

-"Fatherhod/Motherhood Writing"

-"Lotus Poem, Birth" (This Poem)

-"pregnancy cravings peppermint" (of course. See above.)

-"why is pluto not a planet anymore" (This Post) This came up something like 20 times.

-"poop diaper" (!)


-"women- demeaning quotes in the bible" (perhaps this post?)

-"how to say 'excuse me'" Um, excuse me?

-"Cathy's Book" aka, Product Placement (This Post)

-"small poems on the sound of silence" (This Post) How about big poems?

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  1. at least you're getting hits.
    I think I've seen one google come in and it was on "globe willow roots" from my 2nd day of bloggin