Monday, October 30, 2006

Scary Spooky Stories

I’ve had my share of these sorts of stories and experiences.

The earliest I remember: I was about 16, we were living on a third floor apartment, in a building that dated back to the early 1900’s. It was truly a gorgeous apartment: spacious, lovely hardwood floors, original woodwork frames on the doors and windows. And-a sunroom jutting out from one corner of the apartment, with walls made of brick and an Astroturf-ed floor. Despite that last bit, it was a favorite spot for reading in the summer.

One day, I was home alone (isn’t that always how it happens?), it was probably spring or summer-it was fairly warm out.

Situated next to the sunroom was the dining room and on the other side, the living room where a magnificent entertainment center, near the French Doors, took over all space and housed a very small TV.
There was a vertical cabinet/shelf on the left side of this entertainment center with a glass insert allowing you to see all your videos (there were no DVD’s in those days) and CD’s, etc.

I was listening to music-loudly, as I was alone-and looking for another CD to play.

All of a sudden, I felt something. I felt somebody else in the room. At first, I thought it was my parents back from the store. But then, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I got the chills ever so briefly.

I stood still as I saw a woman in a light blue dress walk behind me, her reflection seen in the too-big entertainment center. I whipped around as soon as she passed from the E.C. and nobody was there.

Another time, at a family gathering, I felt someone tap my shoulder, and then the other shoulder. I thought it was one of my brothers playing tricks. Nobody was behind me. This was in the dining room, right next to the sunroom.

A few years after we moved out of that apartment, I got a clipping in the mail from a family friend. It was from the local newspaper: ‘Dog dies in third floor fire’.

It was our old apartment in the picture, the corner-where the sunroom was-blown out and charred by fire.

It was the only spot in the entire building that was completely damaged. The rest of the building had minor smoke and water damage, the first and second floor sunrooms were unscathed.

All I could think of was the woman reflected in the Entertainment Center….

More to come later...again, check out Devilish Southern Belle's Halloween story.


  1. That's very interesting! But so sad for the poor doggie :/

    I have seen reflections and had someone tap me on the shoulder/touch me before, too. I didn't get the cold chills, though.

    Thanks for posting. I love reading these stories!

  2. After my dog passed away, I heard his toenails on the wooden hallway floor heading down to my bedroom for the night.

    I was so sad.

  3. Perhaps I will post some more (yes, more!) later. It will take me a bit to get it all together.