Sunday, October 29, 2006

Currently Reading...

Annie Downey's new book, Hot and Bothered and E. M. Forster's Howards End. I gush at each of these books. Well written, ninety-some years between them, the dirty side of life.

It will take me months to finish. Really. It's already been a month and a half at both books, simultaneously. I mean, two books, at the same time? With more than 50 pages (the limit at which my brain can handle these days)? And-no pictures, just words?! (I read alot of non-fiction, with occasional pictures)

Yeah, it'll take me awhile.

My mother once told me she didn't read anything for two whole years while my siblings and I were very young. There just wasn't the leisurely time there once was, and the attention span beyond kids.

I really miss getting lost in a book: Having the whole day to read. It's like the journal issue, I suppose; but, I could do without a book. I cannot do without writing.

Not to worry....I'll finish these books...someday soon.


  1. ahh. it's tough, isn't totally lose yourself in a good book like we used to. i applaud you for trying. i've raad Howards End...what a terrific read.

  2. The reading time will come back eventually! I would be interested in progress updates in future blogs.

    Furniture Crazy

  3. I lose myself in light fair -- and then force myself to read something that I can be proud to say I read it.

    And I don't have any kids at home