Sunday, October 01, 2006

CHBM Prompt: My Husband and I....

I saw the latest CHBM prompt/carnival recently. It poses the statement of ‘My husband and I were so embarrassed when we got caught by the kids doing….’

This is all I came up with:

It’s funny how a lot of people’s first reactions to this statement would be about sex, or of a sexual nature.

I immediately thought, we don’t get caught, because-well-there is no WE.
And yeah, my first reaction was we don’t get caught in the bedroom. (see above)

Why do we (most likely) think of possible sexual connotations when we get ‘caught by the kids’?

That’s it. It’s all I can muster at the moment.

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  1. I think most people would immediately think of something sexual because it's SO private, and not much really embarrasses most people anymore. There isn't much that I could get caught at that would embarrass me, except getting caught having sex, or working up to it. Other people's kids? Yeah...there are a lot of things I would be embarrassed to be caught doing or saying around other people's kids, but within my own family....there just isn't much else. And I would have to think a while about some of the other things that my kids could catch me at that would embarrass me. But I know there are a few other things.

  2. Oh...and I'm here from the prompt :)