Saturday, October 14, 2006

CHBM: Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV Show

Kind of early to post (for Oct 18), but, well, here it is:

We don’t have TV these days-for obvious reasons: the news is depressing, CNN has the habit of bombardment informant, and it (TV) is just a bunch ‘o crap anyway. Just before we got rid of the tube, I was watching The Travel Channel, The Movie Channels, The Discovery Channel and PBS (Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers), and that was it.

But, I do miss Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which can be found on YouTube, apparently-Yea!

My Guilty Pleasure TV show? I deeply indulged in those Most Haunted shows on the Travel Channel. Haunted Hotels, Haunted Towns, anything Haunted, I would watch and be fascinated. Fascinated. I just liked the Travel Channel in general really. ‘Passport To Europe with Samantha Brown’ was great too. Perhaps it was some sort of morbid curiosity with those shows, the Most Haunted, even though they were pretty damn campy at times. Paranormal activities have always interested me. It’s the morbid curiosity thing. Do those things actually exist? Do people really have those experiences? Enquiring minds want to know!

And-with Halloween coming up, I imagine The Travel Channel will be having Most Haunted Marathons galore. And I’m missing it! But hey, it’s not the end of the world

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  1. but did you notice they never came up with anything concrete...
    just tricky camera angles and music wowoooowoooowo and people jumping and acting scared.

    The best show this week was "Eyes of a Leopard" on Discovery

  2. We have a t.v. but go days where I don't watch it. My daughter likes the shows about haunted things. It goes hand in hand with the latest favorite thing - trying to read all the Nancy Drew books.

  3. Yeah, I did notice all the tricks and wooooooo....still, it was the IDEA of it that kept me hooked in those shows.

  4. I love anything haunted as well. Love those shows! Like someone else mentioned, I don't think anything concrete has ever been shown/proven, but I have no doubt that paranormal activity DOES happen.

  5. I just watched a video on You Tube from that show...I was rolling with laughter so hard I almost lost it. Here is a link to the one I thought was to funny...

    Dropping in from CHBM!